Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

The Chronic Disease Self-Management Program teaches community members with chronic conditions how to manage their condition and live a healthy and happy life.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Support those with chronic conditions to live health and happy lives
  • Hold Healthier Living Self-Management Workshops
  • Provide information and tools to help community members better manage their chronic conditions


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The program includes evidence-based Self-Management Workshops. It was developed at Stanford University. The program is now licensed through the Self-Management Resource Center in Palo Alto, California.

Calaveras County Healthier Living Workshops

Workshops include:

  • Managing Chronic Health Conditions
  • Diabetes Self-Management
  • Chronic Pain Self-Management

Each workshop is taught by a trained community member affected by a chronic condition. There is no cost, no insurance involved or doctor’s referral needed to attend. The workshops and materials are free. Information is taught as well as skill building and group activities. Chronic conditions can be physical or mental illnesses or long term health conditions such as arthritis, asthma, heart disease, depression, anxiety, diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure, obesity and Parkinson’s disease. People with chronic conditions as well as family members, friends and caregivers are welcome to attend.

The books “Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions” and “Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Pain” can be checked out at the Calaveras County Library. People who take the workshops get the books for free. The books have the tools and information that help people self-manage chronic conditions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the workshop cost?

The workshop is free.

How much do the books cost?

The books are free to anyone that takes the workshop.

How do I sign up for a workshop?

Call Public Health at (209) 754-6460.

Who teaches the workshops?

Trained community members who are also affected with chronic conditions teach the workshops.

Do I have to take the Managing Chronic Health Conditions Workshop before I can take the Diabetes Self-Management Workshop or Chronic Pain Self-Management Workshop?

Do I have to take the Managing Chronic Health Conditions Workshop before I can take the Diabetes Self-Management Workshop or Chronic Pain Self-Management Workshop?

Yes, the Managing Chronic Health Conditions Workshop is the first workshop. Once you complete it you can take another workshop.


How old do you have to be to be part of a workshop series?

18 years or older.

Where are the workshops held?

The workshops are held at various locations throughout the county.  To find when the next workshop will be held near you call Public Health at (209) 754-6460.

I care for someone with a chronic condition, can I take the workshop?

Yes, family members, friends and caretakers can also take the workshop.

What happens if I cannot attend one day of the workshop?

If you cannot attend one day of the workshop you can still come on the other days.

I am worried about being able to sit through the workshop, what can I do?

If you have specific concerns, please tell the coordinator when you sign up for the workshop.  We have been able to adapt the room for people in the past.






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